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Policy regarding cookies and similar technologies

For your convenience, this service uses cookies and similar technologies such as in order to adapt to the needs of service users, and for statistical purposes. Cookies are small text files sent by a website, which is visited by internet users, an internet device.

Cookies also use the sites to which we refer, for example multimedia or showing elements of social networking.

In your Web browser, you can change the settings for cookies. No changes to these settings, you accept the use of cookies here.

This site uses cookies to performance, which is designed to collect information about how to use the website to better work, and functional, which allow “remember” your user settings.

Third party services which present materials may also use cookies.

The level of protection against the cookies are set in each of the browser:

The level of protection can be set cookies in your web browser – until the complete block cookies. This increases the level of security and data protection, but it may also prevent some functions, such as log in to your email account.

How do I change the settings on the most popular search engines

Google Chrome

You need to click on the menu (in the upper right corner), the Settings tab> Show advanced settings. In the “Privacy” section must click Content settings. In the “Cookies” can do the following cookies:

Delete cookies

The default block cookies

Default allow cookies

The default retention cookies and data pages to the browser is closed

Specify exceptions for cookies from specific websites or domains

Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0

From the browser menu (top right): Tools> Internet Options> Privacy, click the Sites button. Use the slider to set the level, the change with OK button.

Mozilla Firefox

From the browser menu: Tools> Options> Privacy. Activate field Firefox “will use custom settings”.

About cookies (cookies) to decide Zaklika – or not – a position Accept cookies.


From the browser menu: Tools> Preferences> Advanced.

About cookies determines the selection – or not – to Cookies.


Safari drop-down menu, you need to select Preferences and click the Security icon. Here you select the level of security in the area, Accept Cookies “.