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Tour details Auschwitz Birkenau full day tour from Krakow

There is no refund for bookings made after the 1st of March.

IMPORTANT!: Due to changes in the process of reservation of admission cards to Auschwitz Birkenau Museum, we strongly recommend booking the tour in advance (at least 30 days). Last-minute (1-4 weeks in advance) bookings will be unavailable or highly limited

Our Auschwitz Birkenau tour is available for you every day, 7 days a week. It begins at the meeting point at 14 Straszewskiego Street. From Krakow, we travel directly to Auschwitz Birkenau Museum.

We guarantee the arrival to Auschwitz on time, complete and guided tour in the Museum.
Your guide will awaken your interest for 3.5 hours and you will visit both concentration camps (KL Auschwitz and KL Birkenau) along with exhibitions in remaining prison blocks, prisoner rooms, death wall, the gas chambers, crematoria buildings, remaining barracks, railway ramp in Birkenau and as well as many other original objects presenting everyday camp reality and treatment of imprisoned people.

UNESCO listed Auschwitz Museum and Birkenau is located in Oświęcim and it is one of the most significant places in Europe. It is the symbol of the Holocaust, one of the greatest crimes against humanity in world history. Today, the site of the camp serves as Auschwitz-Birkenau National Museum in Oświęcim is covering 191 ha: 20 ha in Auschwitz I and 171 ha in Auschwitz II. Now available for everyday visits, through professionally guided tour directly from Krakow’s city center.



Tour duration: 7
Languages: -
Availability: Every day

What included

  • Licensed guide in both camps
  • Admission
  •   Licensed guide in a selected language
  • Full 3.5 h visiting programme of 2 concentration camps Auschwitz & Birkenau
  • English speaking driver/tour leader
  • Assistance of tour leader/driver

Tour programme

  • 10:10 h -pick-up and departure from Krakow
  • 2 1:40 h -arrival at Auschwitz
  • 3 2:00 h -entering Auschwitz
  • 4 3:50 h -transfer to Birkenau
  • 5 4:00 h -entering Birkenau
  • 6 5:00 h -trip back to Auschwitz
  • 7 5:10 h -departure to Krakow
  • 8 6:50 h -arrival to Krakow